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Sponsored Doggy Dates:
Dog Walks & Adventures
for Shelter Dogs


Partnering with Dorchester Paws for a Pawsome Cause!

We are thrilled to announce our newest initiative: Sponsored Doggy Dates (Dog Walks & Adventures for Shelter Dogs)! Partnering with Dorchester Paws, we’re offering a unique opportunity to help shelter dogs get the socialization, decompression, and exposure they need while enjoying some fun adventures outside the shelter.

Why It Matters:

Our shelters are extremely overcrowded, and many community members want to help but don’t know how. By sponsoring a doggy date, you’re providing a much-needed break for a shelter dog and helping them become more adoptable!

How It Helps:

When we take a shelter dog out for an adventure it not only helps them decompress and get some socialization, we also gather information and report how they react to people, other dogs, and different environments, which gives the shelter great information about them so they are able to place them in the perfect home. 

Make a Difference Today!

Sponsor a doggy date today and make a shelter dog smile. Together, we can make a big difference in the lives of these wonderful animals.


1. Sponsor a Doggy Date

For just $50, you can sponsor a Doggy Date (90-minute walk/adventure) for a shelter dog. Once you purchase a sponsored walk, we will schedule it as soon as possible.

2. Adventure Time!

One of our amazing trained pet care specialists will visit the shelter, select a dog in need of a break, and take them on an adventure to a nearby park, trail, or neighborhood. If the weather is too hot or inclement, we’ll take the paw-ty indoors to dog-friendly restaurants and stores.

3. Enrichment & Exploration

The shelter dog will get to explore new places, stretch their legs, and enjoy lots of enrichment activities. This helps them decompress, socialize, and just be a dog!

4. Share the Joy

After our adventure, you’ll receive a full report with lots of photos of the fun we had. We will also share this report with Dorchester Paws and feature the dog on our social media. We encourage you to share their story too, helping them get more exposure and hopefully find their forever home.



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