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I, the undersigned (hereafter referred to as "Client"), agree that in the event any of my pets listed on the Paws Up! Client Portal appears to be ill, injured, or at significant risk of experiencing a medical problem at the start of service or while in the care of Paws Up! LLC, Client gives permission to Paws Up! LLC, its respective employees, members, agents, and affiliates, to seek veterinary service from a veterinarian or a veterinary clinic. Client's preferred veterinary service is listed under the individual Pet Information details on the Portal. Other veterinarians or emergency care clinics chosen by the Pet Sitter from Paws Up! LLC are acceptable if Client's preferred veterinarian is unavailable or if Client is unreachable.


Client asks Paws Up! LLC to inform the attending clinic or veterinarian of the requested total diagnosis and treatment limit (dollar amount) specified in the Pet Information details of the Portal under the VET RELEASE section for each individual pet listed. Client understands that efforts will be made to contact them regarding any treatments, illness, injury, or potential problems as soon as the condition is deemed non-life threatening and/or contact is possible.


Client understands that Paws Up! LLC, its respective employees, members, agents, and affiliates work hard to prevent accidents and injuries, and that such problems may occur no matter how well a pet is cared for. Client agrees to allow Paws Up! LLC, its respective employees, members, agents, and affiliates to use their best judgment in handling these situations and understands that Paws Up! LLC and its staff assume no responsibility for the actions and decisions of the veterinary staff, the health, and/or or death of my pet(s). 


Paws Up! LLC, its respective employees, members, agents, and affiliates is authorized to transport my pet(s) to and from the veterinary clinic for treatment or to request on-site treatment, if deemed necessary. Client, furthermore, acknowledges and agrees to pay Paws Up! LLC $40/hour for the time it takes to transport and seek medical care on behalf of Client's pet(s). If Client or their emergency contact cannot be reached in case of an emergency, the Pet Sitter shall act on Client's behalf to authorize any treatment excluding euthanasia.


Client also agrees that Paws Up! LLC, its respective employees, members, agents, and affiliates is released from any and all liability related to any prior medical condition my pet(s) had/has that would cause him/her to get easily injured or ill.


Client will assume full responsibility for the payment and/or reimbursement for any and all veterinary services rendered, including but not limited to diagnosis, treatment, grooming, medical supplies, and boarding of pet(s). Such payments will be made within 14 days of the initial incident (Client may choose to leave a credit card on file with the preferred veterinarian for such purposes). Client also agrees to be responsible for all Special Service fees assessed by Paws Up! LLC for emergency transportation, care, supervision, or hiring of emergency caregivers, and will pay such fees within 14 days of each incident.


Client further authorizes Paws Up! LLC and pet(s) primary veterinarian(s) to share all of the medical records of all of my pet(s) with any veterinary clinics in an emergency in the interest of providing the best care for my ill or injured pet(s). 


Every pet at the site of service will be current (per pet’s veterinarian’s recommendations) on its necessary care, rabies, and other vaccinations prior to the arrival of any caregiver. Further, each animal will remain current on its necessary care, rabies, and other vaccinations throughout each service visit period.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Client agrees to notify Paws Up! LLC of any signs of injury or possible illness before any visit as soon as the condition appears. Paws Up! LLC reserves the right to cancel service at any location where a pet with a potentially infectious condition exists. Paws Up! LLC strives to provide clean, safe service to each of our clients. In doing so, Paws Up! LLC strongly recommends that each pet be vaccinated, dewormed, and protected from harmful insects according to veterinarian recommended standards.


This agreement is valid from the date Client initially activates their portal account. Client furthermore grants permission for future veterinary care without the need for additional authorization each time Paws Up! LLC cares for one or more said pet(s) listed in the Pet Information details section of the Portal. Client understands that this agreement applies to all of the pets within Paws Up!’s care. In acknowledging this agreement by electronic signature, Client agrees that they have the sole authority to make health, medical, and financial decisions regarding the pet(s) that will be scheduled to receive service. 


This release does not expire and will remain valid for all future services provided by Paws Up!

Veterinary Release

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