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The Best Pet-Friendly Apartments in Charleston: Spotlight on Abberly Crossing Apartment Homes

Updated: Jul 4

If you are looking for a pet-friendly apartment home in the Charleston area, be sure to check out this gem! Abberly Crossing Apartment Homes stands out as a perfect location for pet owners, where pets aren't just welcomed; they're celebrated. The community is conveniently located in Ladson, SC, between Summerville and North Charleston and has easy access to both.

Aerial view of Abberly Crossing, a pet-friendly apartment complex in Charleston,  SC

We recently sat down with Melissa Benzin, Community Manager at Abberly Crossing Apartment Homes in Ladson, SC. Check out our interview below to find out what makes this complex a haven for both residents and their beloved pets.

Q: Can you tell us more about your apartment complex and what sets it apart from others in the Charleston area?

Melissa: Our complex is extremely pet-friendly. Unlike many others, we have no monthly pet fees. Instead, there's a one-time fee of $350 for the first pet and $150 for each additional one, up to a maximum of three (with a limit of two dogs). But what truly sets us apart is that we have no breed restrictions or weight limits, which ensures that pets of all shapes and sizes are welcomed with open arms.

Q: What types of pet-friendly amenities or services do you offer to your residents and their pets?

Melissa: We take great pride in our two dedicated dog parks. We take great pride in our two dedicated dog parks. These spaces provide our canine residents a safe and enjoyable environment to play and socialize. We have also offer lots of dog-friendly walking spaces throughout the community.

The dog park at Abberly Crossing apartment homes, one of the many pet-friendly amenities

Q: How do you create a welcoming environment for both pet owners and their pets at your pet-friendly apartments?

Melissa: In our office, we always keep treats on hand for our four-legged visitors. Additionally, we actively encourage residents to bring their pets when they visit us. This not only makes our office a warm and inviting space for pets but also reinforces a sense of community among residents.

Testimonial: "Great apartment complex. Management is always open to talk and help you with any issues you may experience and the neighbors aren’t bad! And you get all the doggy love that you can handle!"

Q: Are there any specific pet policies or guidelines that residents should be aware of?

Melissa: Absolutely. We require that all pets be properly registered via pet Screening and residents must furnish their pet's vet records. Additionally, it's a community-wide expectation that residents clean up after their dogs, ensuring a clean and pleasant living environment for everyone. To help with this initiative, we provide various disposal stations throughout the community.

Q: In your opinion, what are the key factors that make a great pet-friendly apartment complex?

Melissa: It all boils down to the people. Our entire staff, from management to maintenance, genuinely loves animals. This shared passion creates an atmosphere where pets are not only welcomed but truly valued members of our community. This is what makes us one of the best pet-friendly apartments in Charleston, SC.

Abberly Crossing also offers many amenities for their human residents as well, including this beautiful pool and courtyard area, fitness center, club house, business center, internet cafe with coffee bar, gated entry, car wash station, and available detached garages.

The pool and courtyard at Abberly Crossing Apartment Homes, a pet-friendly apartment complex in Charleston, SC

Q: Can you tell us about any upcoming events or initiatives related to pets at your pet-friendly apartment complex?

Melissa: We're currently in the planning stages of a pet-themed paint night for residents. This event will also serve as a fundraiser for Dorchester Paws, an initiative we're excited about. While the date hasn't been finalized, it's in the works for later this year.

Q: How do you handle any pet-related challenges or issues that may arise within the community?

Melissa: Fortunately, we haven't encountered significant pet-related issues. However, we are proactive in addressing any concerns. For example, in a recent incident involving an excessive barking complaint, we discovered a puppy that had been left in a crate on a patio while no one was home. We promptly called animal control to ensure the well-being of the pup.

Hire a Dog Walker for you dogs at Abberly Crossing, a pet-friendly apartment complex in Charleston, SC

Q: How do residents typically find out about your pet-friendly amenities and policies?

Melissa: We ensure that information about our pet-friendly amenities and policies is readily available on our website and in our newsletters. Additionally, we send out periodic email blasts to our residents with important reminders, ensuring everyone is kept up to date.

Q: Are there any future plans or developments that will further enhance your pet-friendly offerings?

Melissa: Yes, we're excited to share that we've recently purchased pet agility equipment for our dog parks. We're eagerly awaiting its installation, which we believe will add even more enrichment for our four-legged residents.

Q: Could you share a heartwarming moment involving pets and residents in your community?

Melissa: Certainly! We have a wonderful partnership with our local animal shelter, Dorchester Paws. They allow individuals to take adoptable dogs out for excursions to get them a much-needed break from the shelter. Our office staff recently took two dogs for a doggy day out around the complex where they were introduced to many of our residents. Both dogs were subsequently adopted by one of our residents. They now visit our office regularly, bringing joy to our community. It's a heartwarming outcome we couldn't be happier about.

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Q: How can interested individuals get in touch with you or schedule a visit to tour your pet-friendly apartment complex?

Melissa: It's easy! Interested individuals can visit our website at or call our office directly at 843-261-1051 to schedule a tour.


As you can see, Abberly Crossing Apartment Homes is more than just a place to live; it's a community that celebrates the bond between pets and their owners. With a commitment to pet-friendliness, a host of amenities, and a dedicated pet-loving team, it's no wonder that Abberly Crossing is a top choice for pet-friendly apartments in the Charleston area. Contact them today to discover the pet-friendly paradise that could become your new home.

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