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Our Top Gift Ideas for Pets and their Humans This Holiday Season

Updated: Jun 26

Pets are very important members of our families. They give us unconditional love and loyalty. So why not treat them to something special this year? Be sure to take your pet's needs into consideration when picking out that perfect gift. There are lots of great gift ideas that are both fun and practical for the pets and pet lovers in your life.

Family on the couch with their dog and cat

Check out some of our favorite Christmas gifts for pets and their humans below. There are lots of fun and useful pet products out there, but these are ones that are sure to get their tails wagging.

Gifts Ideas for Dogs

From toys to beds and more practical gifts, there are many to choose from on the market today. Interactive toys can be just as much fun for dogs as they are for their owners. It's like buying a toy for yourself that you can also use to play with your dog. Dogs love being able to interact with their owners, which really helps them bond with you.

Here are a few of our top picks for your canine friends.

Puzzle feeders / treat dispensers

Setting your dog to work on a puzzle or game helps focus his attention and energy. This mental redirection can help reduce boredom and anxiety as well as destructive behaviors.

Studies show that 15 minutes of mental exercise can have a similar effect on your dog’s emotional well-being as 30 minutes of physical exercise. Dogs love to explore and problem solve. Try using puzzle toys to distract your dog from stressful situations such as fireworks and thunderstorms, as well as a way to expend their energy after being crated while you're at work.

You can hide treats in these toys or feed their meals to slow down their eating and help them with digestion. There are also different levels of difficulty depending on your dog's abilities. We really like these two but there are many options to choose from.

dog gift idea - puzzle feeder

BarkBox monthly subscription boxes

Give the gift that keeps on giving. A customized box of themed toys and treats for your pup that conveniently arrives at your door every month. Customize your box based on your dogs size, age, and demeanor. They even have boxes for extreme chewers.

Dog gift idea - Barkbox

Personalized engraved dog collars

These collars are completely customizable and your information is engraved right on the buckle of the collar so you don't have to worry about tags falling off of their collars. Plus they offer so many cute patterns.

dog gift idea - personalized engraved dog collar

Calming dog bed

These dog beds are donut shaped and are said to have a calming effect on canines. They will keep your dog comfy and cozy as they come in many sizes ranging from extra small to XXXL. There are also many color options to choose from to match your current decor.

Dog gift idea - calming dog bed

Gifts Ideas for Cats

Interactive cat toys for cats are very popular as well. Catnip toys, laser beams, and fuzzy stuffed critters are just a few examples of the variety of toys on the market. These products are designed to engage your cat and help distract them from bad behaviors. They also help to keep cats healthy by providing them with exercise, mental stimulation, and bonding with their humans.

Here are some of our favorites for your feline friends.

Puzzle feeders / treat dispensers

These are perfect to keep your cat entertained and it helps to encourage their natural foraging instincts. It also exercises their brain to keep them from getting bored, which can lead to destructive behavior. You can hide treats in the compartments or add their food to slow down their eating.

cat gift idea - interactive puzzle feeder

Laser pointers

What cat doesn't love laser pointers? There are tons of laser pointers on the market but we really like this one because it is rechargeable and it also doubles as a flashlight!

cat gift idea - laser pointer

Interactive toy with cat grass

This toy has multiple activities to keep your furry feline busy. It has a track with ball, a spring mounted bee, and a cat-friendly grass filled center (note: you have to plant the seeds in the included soil and wait for the grass to grow). Grass helps with feline digestion and the elimination of hairballs.

cat gift idea - 3-in-1 interactive toy with cat grass

Cat dancer (or cat teaser)

These are so simple and inexpensive but cats love them. Stock up on a few so you'll always have a backup.

cat gift idea - cat dancer teaser toy

Chirping catnip ball toys

Cats love catnip and these toys can be stuffed with catnip but they also make chirping sounds. This deal includes three toys: a bird, a frog, and a cricket.

cat gift idea - chirping catnip balls

Silvervine cage balls

These toy balls are perfect for cats. They come in sets of three and each silvervine cage ball contains a different surprise for your cat: a catnip ball, a bell ball, and dried gall fruit. Silvervine is similar to catnip in that it causes cats to enter a euphoric state that involves behaviors like rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, meowing, and licking. However, silvervine is more potent than catnip due to the presence of two cat attractants.

cat gift idea - silvervine cage toys

Large catnip kicker toy

If you have a cat that frequently engages in the bunny kick when you rub their belly, you might want to consider a kicker toy. Just redirect them with this if they start kicking you during playtime.

Cat gift ideas - catnip kicker toy

Perfect Gift Ideas for Pet Parents

And we can't forget gifts for the loving pet parents. Check out these awesome picks!

You Can't Buy Love, But You Can Rescue It - Sweatshirts, hoodies, and tees

Show your support for your rescued animals by sporting one of these sweatshirts, hoodies, or tees!

Pet parent gift idea - sweatshirt / hoodie

My Kids Have Paws tee

This t-shirt is perfect for the pet moms in your life. Because pets truly are family!

pet parent gift idea - My kids have paws t-shirt

Canvas prints of your favorite pet photos

Who doesn't love pictures of their beloved pets? Pick out a few of your best shots from your phone or camera and have these canvas prints made so you can proudly display them on your wall.

At the time of this posting, you can get one 16 x 20 canvas print absolutely free. Be sure to check out this deal now!

pet lover gift idea - canvas print of pet

Tis the season to show your loved ones how much you care. Pets are a part of our families and should be celebrated. We spend time with them, and we care about their health and well being.

We have given you a variety of gift ideas that are sure to please your dogs and cats, as well as their humans.

Make sure you research the perfect gift before you go out and buy it. Try to find a gift that is both unique and that fits your pet's personality. A gift that they will actually use and love.

Let us know which gifts you are buying for your beloved pets in the comments below.

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