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How Do I Schedule My Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services?

Updated: Jul 4

At Paws Up!, we understand that your pets are cherished members of your family, and their happiness and well-being are our top priority. That's why we provide a stress-free and fun environment for your furry companions while they are in our care. We want your experience with us to be equally stress-free, which is why we use the industry’s leading pet sitting software, Time to Pet, to ensure smooth and efficient booking. Serving Charleston and surrounding areas, we are committed to delivering top-notch pet care services to our valued clients.

The Easiest Way to Schedule Dog Walks & Cat Care Services

We value your feedback, and in response to your valuable input, we have made some improvements to our service selection and booking process. Our aim is to simplify the scheduling process, making it user-friendly for you.

Online Scheduling App for Dog Walks & Pet Sitting

Step-by-Step Guide to Schedule Dog Walks and Cat Care Services in the North Charleston, Hanahan, Ladson, Downtown Charleston, West Ashley, Park Circle, Summerville, and Goose Creek areas

Here's a simple step-by-step guide to booking your daily dog walks and pet sitting services with us:

Step 1: Log in to Your Time to Pet Account

Access your Time to Pet account through our app or on your computer.

Step 2: Choose "Scheduling"

Click on the "Scheduling" option to start the booking process.

Step 3: "Request New Service" Select "Request New Service" to specify your pet care needs.

Choose Scheduling & Request New Service
Step 2 Step 3

Step 4: Select Your Dates

Choose the dates for your pet sitting services, whether it's for multiple days or a single day.

Step 5: Choose Your Services

Select your desired visit length for the primary service, and if your pet requires specific time-sensitive medications, be sure to choose the appropriate option. Note: For mixed service requests (e.g., two 30 minute visits and one 20 minute visit per day) you will do an additional request - see Step 7!

Select your Dates and Choose your Services
Step 4 Step 5

Step 6: Select Your Service Visit Windows (Time Blocks)

Based on your needs, choose the appropriate service visit windows:

  • Midday dog walks (Monday - Friday): 10am - 12pm or 12pm - 2pm.

  • Single cat visit per day: Anytime cat visit (7am - 8pm).

  • Two cat visits per day: Morning (7a - 11am) and Afternoon/Evening (4pm - 8pm).

  • Three pet sitting visits per day: Morning (7am - 9am), Afternoon (2pm - 5pm), and Evening (7pm - 9:30pm) options.

  • Four pet sitting visits per day: The above three options plus Late Morning (10am - 12pm).

  • Time-specific visits (for medications, etc.): Make sure to indicate requested times in the notes section.

Step 7: Select "Add More Services"

If requesting multiple services (e.g. 30 minute and 20 minute visits for the same trip) and choose the desired visit length of your secondary service.

Choose Time Blocks & Additional Services
Step 6 Step 7

Step 8: Add Your Travel Details then Review and Submit Your Request

Double-check your request to ensure accuracy, and then submit it for approval.

Add Travel Details & Submit Request
Step 8

Step 9: Receive Confirmation and Review Your Invoice

Once your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation that your services are booked. Please review them carefully and request any changes, if needed.

Review your Services & Invoice
Step 9

Step 10: View and Pay Your Invoice

Log back into the app or on your computer to view and download your invoice. Conveniently make a payment online to complete the process.

Pay Your Invoice Online
Step 10

Streamlined Services for a Hassle-Free Experience

We believe these changes will streamline our pet sitting and dog walking service offerings, making it much easier for you to schedule your services with Paws Up!

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance with scheduling or paying your invoice, feel free to contact us at 843-480-4480.

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We appreciate your trust in Paws Up! and the referrals you send our way. To show our gratitude, we offer credits toward your next visit when you refer a friend to our pet sitting services.

We are excited to serve you and your pets, providing the love and care they deserve. Your furry friends are in safe hands with Paws Up! in Charleston!

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