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Diabetic Pet Service Agreement

I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge and agree to all of the following items as they pertain to my pet receiving Insulin medication during pet sitting visits with Paws Up! LLC.


I acknowledge that my pet is up to date on all veterinary care, examinations, and blood work. My pet has been receiving his/her insulin injection as prescribed by my veterinarian and as described in the pet information section of the portal.


I understand that Paws Up! LLC does not have the proper equipment to test my pet’s blood sugar level.


Paws Up! LLC will not be held accountable if my pet is overmedicated and/or under-medicated due to increased and/or decreased sugar level that they cannot test for and, therefore, cannot be aware of.


It is the policy of Paws Up! LLC that my pet must eat before scheduled Insulin injections can be administered.


Every effort will be made on the part of Paws Up! LLC and its respective employees, members, and agents to encourage my pet to eat within the scheduled time. I have scheduled the appropriate amount of time to allow my pet to eat and have insulin administered.


In the event that, despite all efforts, my pet still chooses not to eat, I understand that Paws Up! LLC will NOT administer the insulin. The insulin will be given at the next scheduled insulin visit, provided my pet eats his/her meal.


I understand that Paws Up! LLC will watch for and note any changes in my pet’s diet, behavior, demeanor, and/or energy level and I will be notified immediately of any such changes. I have scheduled enough time to allow for such observations. My consent must be given before any alterations to my instructions listed in the portal for my diabetic pet are made.


I have scheduled the appropriate amount of time to allow for bathroom breaks/exercise, eating, insulin administration, and for observation of my pet’s health and condition. I understand that Paws Up! LLC will not be able to spend more time than what has been scheduled and paid for.


Paws Up! LLC will transport my pet to the veterinary hospital listed in the client portal for medical boarding if at any time they feel medical care is needed for my pet. Payment to the veterinarian will be as agreed upon in the Vet Release Form section of the portal. In this event, I understand Paws Up! LLC will charge $40/hour for their time to transport my pet to the veterinarian and for any additional time they must stay with my pet to ensure their safety.

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